About Us

Since 1986, Glass Erectors, Inc. has been a dominating force in the commercial glass and glazing field as well as the door and hardware field throughout Western Pennsylvania.    

Aside from our commercial glass and glazing front, we also house a successful hollow metal shop where we build as ordered. Since 2000, the "Hollow Metal" and "Aluminum" divisions have been the responsibility of different people, John Burkett and Jeff Snyder focus mainly on the Aluminum and Glass undertakings of the company, while Rob Kearney and Mike Berezansky work primarily with the Hollow Metal and Hardware endeavors.    

The employees of Glass Erectors, Inc. are dedicated to our customers. We operate on the basis that the customer is in control. We like to maintain a strong relationship with everyone who gives us the opportunity to do business with them; from the new constructions requiring months of work to complete, to the person who simply needs a piece of glass. From the time our work begins with you, to the time it is complete, any of the employees here will give every project the same level of craftsmanship.    

Our employees consist of 20 union glaziers and carpenters in the field installing anything from curtain wall, aluminum doors, aluminum windows, steel doors, steel frames and hardware. We also have a non-union shop crew where we provide in-house fabrication for custom doors and windows to fit any opening.

Our Mission

Glass Erectors, Inc. strives for perfection with all of its endeavors, from Schools & Churches, to Hospitals & Police Stations. If GEI gets the job, GEI gets the job done right, and on time